In the morning everyone was excited. “We’re going to actually be HOME today!” Wyatt exclaimed as we packed up our things in the Tucson Airbnb — the last one we’d be staying in for a long, long time. Soon, no more Airbnbs, no more takeout meals, no more checking the…

Before we left the Texas Hill Country, I went on a breakfast errand, for butter and jam. I drove to the Stage Stop gas station and found some Fredericksburg craft preserves, but no butter. “You’d have to drive into town,” the clerk told me. “Walmart.” I didn’t want to go…

We left Austin mid-morning yesterday. Yam, the photographer-professor-passionate breadmaker (with nearly 20K Instagram followers), sent us off with a loaf of sourdough for our short trip through Texas Hill Country to Fredericksburg. Today was our shortest leg, barely 90 minutes so we could set up for classes and faculty meetings.

Sandy Tolan

Author of “Children of the Stone: The Power of Music in a Hard Land” and “The Lemon Tree.” He is professor of journalism at USC’s Annenberg School.

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